Drainage Composites

Drainage Composites


Drainage Composites are made up by associating , during production, a draining core layer (it can be either a mat, a net or a moulded element) between two layers of geotextiles. The composite is capable of providing either filtering, separation and, sometimes, also other functions such as protection. Even with the multiple uses the main purpose is the drainage one, for this reason, the long term draining performances of the composite must be well known (compressive creep flowarate variations, filter efficency etc.).


Maccaferri’s ParaDrain® is a unique high-performance geogrid that combines soil reinforcement and drainage functions in one product. ParaDrain® has been designed with sustainability in mind; it enables the reuse of marginal fills that would normally be disposed of off-site and replaced with quarried materials.

ParaDrain® improves the properties of these otherwise unsuitable soils by reducing pore water pressure and enabling their use as structural materials. Once the pore water pressures have been dissipated the geogrid continues to reinforce the soil.