Dimplecore is a durable, heat-formed, cuspated synthetic sheet used in drainage applications. The structure of the symmetrical cusps resists the effects of lateral shear which may adversely affect alternative ‘pillar type’ drainage cores. The flat reverse side and top ensure low contact pressure and therefore prevents the creation of point loads. This is significant when Dimplecore is placed between or over waterproof lining systems.


Dimplecore is successfully used:

• As a leakage detection membrane in double-lined storage facilities
• For relief of hydraulic pressure build-up against structures
• To prevent moisture ingress into dwellings
• As the drainage medium over waterproofing membranes in roof waterproofing applications
• As a damp-proof lining to surface beds in basements
• In cut-off drains
• As hydraulic pressure relief over earth-sheltered structures
• As a damp-proof course for brickwork
• In drainage systems for the canalization of rain, stormwater, and underground water
• As underfloor drainage and pressure relief in high water table conditions for geomembrane-lined or concrete structures
• For gas relief in coping mechanisms
• In drainage of coping mechanisms


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