General Purpose Mesh


The withering mesh produced by SANPAC Africa limited using the latest extrusion technology is a great bonus to the Kenyan agricultural industry. The versatile mesh has many applications ranging from a hygienic method of drying produce to a general purpose net used in floriculture and domestic applications.

The net has the following advantages:

• It is not sensitive to oxidation or corrosion and is resistant to fungal infestation
• It can withstand temperatures of 75° Celsius
• The mesh is made from polyethylene with diamond shaped apertures




Tea withering mesh

• Proudly made in Kenya to support our Kenyan tea industry at very competitive costs
• It is non corrosive and does not rust, which in turn will maintain the taste and quality of the tea



• Protects the entire stem from mechanical damage from the green houses to the pack houses
• Stronger and longer lasting than bags
• Allows the flowers to breathe
• Enables easier and proper handling during transit from farms to pack houses



• Provides small plants and saplings the protection needed from wind, birds and other damaging factors


Poultry Farming

• Withering mesh used in poultry farming as a cage floor carpet can prevent injury to young chicks and damage to eggs.
• Being light weight and non-corrosive the mesh can be cleaned regularly thus preventing any outbreak of diseases amongst the chicks


Domestic Applications

• Withering mesh can also be used as fencing. Being totally weather resistant, it is lightweight and easy to handle and install and suitable in a range of climatic conditions.
• Can be used for garden fencing
• Can be used as a “sieve” on gutters to prevent leaves and other debris from blocking rain water drains


Withering of Agricultural Produce

• Withering mesh can be used for drying of many different agricultural produce such as:

o Cocoa Bean

o Chillies & Spices

o Coffee Bean

o Tea






General Purpose Mesh


Jungle Green


1m (H) x 50m (L)


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