The insect screen produced by SANPAC Africa limited is the latest and safest and most permanent solution against mosquitoes and other insects. In Africa where malaria claims many lives it is necessary to have as much protection against mosquitoes as possible.


The product has the following advantages:


• It provides a barrier against different insects for both people and livestock
• The mesh can be fixed to window and door frames, simply by stapling
• It does not require expertise to install and it can be opened, shut, mounted and dismantled very easily
• It allows for good air circulation around the room
• It does not rust and is moisture and fungi resistant
• It can be easily removed and clean with water
• It is non-toxic
• It resists the harmful action of the sun
• It comprises diamond shaped apertures and is available in various colours to suit the building
• It avoids using harmful insecticides and chemicals in the form of mats, coils, vaporisers etc that can be harmful to your health.




Insect Screen Mesh Mesh


Jungle Green, Ivory, White, Brown, Blue


• 1m (H) x 50m (L)

• 1.25 metres (4 ft) X 25 metres (L)


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