An example of a satisfied customer whose unique package has led to increased sales volumes is KIBIDAV LIMITED, based in Kiambu County. They specialise in processing fresh goat’s milk and yoghurts, cheeses and other dairy products based on goats milk.


KIBIDAV LIMITED wanted a specific bottle suited to their needs to sell goats milk in 1 litre and 500 ml sizes through the supermarkets. Being an exclusive product processed in a state of the art facility, the packaging had to reflect their unique product. The first stage was where there was a sample bottle from overseas, which formed the idea of the design. However the intention was to improve the shape, the visual appeal and also improve the practical functionality of the bottle.


Within a short time a bottle was designed using computer aided design software shown below:


In addition to this SANPAC Africa also provided 3D views of these bottles as shown below:


After design approval the moulds were made and then the decoration was done. The product was successfully launched and the final finished product is below:


All Design created exclusively for Kibidav Limited



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