The system offers the following benefits:
· The system has a high puncture resistance
· It has easy, strong & practical joints
· It is labor-intensive, so can make use of local unskilled labor
· No expensive plant is required for laying
· No specialist lining contractor is required for installation
· No heavy equipment is required to manage the placement of the material
· No tainting or toxicity imparted to water for potable water facilities
· Easy maintenance by the owner. Damage repairs can be completed very simply by the owner. There is no requirement for a specialist welder as required by HDPE membrane systems
· Sealmac is conformable around inlet/outlets and any other structures
· Sealmac liner is heavier than water so will not float
· The application process adheres it to the substrate so it is not susceptible to wind damage
· Not attractive to thieves due to the stickiness, weight, and adhesion of substrate material to the underside of the liner
· It is not susceptible to Environmental Stress Cracking, as experienced with HDPE liners
· The surface has a rough, non-slip surface, which is c critical safety condition to prevent drowning should someone fall in

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